Tea Tourism @ Darjeeling

A guided tour at the garden as well as the tea factory offers visitors a glimpse of the fascinating process of teamanufacturing. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture, history & traditions of Darjeeling and adjoining hill areas than by witnessing the process by which fresh tea leaves are plucked, withered, rolled, fermented, dried, sorted, graded and packed to produce a variety of teas: the traditional black tea, green tea and the exquisite speciality teas. Come with us.

‘Dorjeling’ – better known to us as Darjeeling or Darjiling. Friendly people, breathtaking nature, green tea gardens and steep, winding roads are certainly among the impressions that a visitor to this corner of the world takes home with them.  The steep hills of the Darjeeling district produce an aroma with an unique taste, therefore this exclusive commodity is named the ´Champagne` of tea. Only a tea obtained from one of the 87 tea gardens in Darjeeling is allowed to have this label.

This is a Tourist Map who atr interested in Darjeeling Tea Tourism
This is a Tourist Map who are interested in Darjeeling Tea Tourism


Map Courtesy: teekampagne


Author: nilanjan basu

i am nilanjan... interested in traveling and photography since my childhood and be inspired by other similar souls. i am working with some alternate tourism module and still searching for a better one based on sustainability. i basically act as a consultant on rural based sustainable ecotourism. my hobby is for creative endeavors in the rural field in india! thank you for visiting my profile! go green! go rural.

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